What is Web Broadcasting?

Simply put, Web Broadcasting (also known as Live Streaming or Web Streaming) is one of the most powerful tools you and your organization can use to reach a global audience to get your message out.  If you've ever seen TED®Talks, the webcast where ideas are shared and buzz is created that generates discussions from boardrooms to living rooms all over the world, then you know the power of Web Streaming.  Our team of experts will come to your event with professional video cameras, microphones, lights and web streaming computers to create a high quality HD web broadcast. No matter the size of your event, you can increase the viewership exponentially with professional Web Streaming.  You can even monetize your event using Pay Per View options.


How does it work?

Once you have your speech, panel discussion, conference or other event or events scheduled, our team meets with you to discuss what you want to be broadcast online, and all related logistics to it (i.e., How long is the event, how many events are to be broadcast on a given day, single camera vs multi-camera, etc.). Then we conduct a site survey to determine what is needed at the venue for a successful web broadcast (i.e., if there is proper lighting, the speed of the internet connection on site, among other things). Third, if the web broadcast is going to be seen primarily or exclusively on your organization's site, we meet with the website administrator to discuss embedding the video window on to that site (the simplicity or complexity of this  process depends on the access to the site and building software used).  If it is preferable to show the video on a third party site, we discuss those options too. Finally, on the day of your event, our expert team arrives to shoot your event, and broadcast it live!  And all web broadcasts that we facilitate can be accessed for on demand viewing after the broadcast has ended.  Click on the Contact Us tab, and let's chat about your project.