Live video streaming

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Go Global!


I scream! You scream! We all scream for live stream! You’ll have to forgive our enthusiasm, but the possibilities for presenting your event live online are really exciting. We are not talking about  your friend’s live presentation of his daughter’s dance recital shot on his mobile phone, we'll make sure your audience gets to see a professional production online with expert lighting and framing and crystal-clear video and audio.


Here’s how it works:

We’ll help you assess what type of online presentation works best for your special event. We’ll provide the crew and equipment that suits your budget and needs, and deliver a professional production to be viewed live online, including high-quality video and audio, titles and graphics.


Your event is uploaded live to a streaming service that delivers to your website or a third-party website. Your presentation can be viewed by anyone or a select audience. You can also offer a pay-per-view option and we’ll record your event, so it can be viewed on-demand after it’s over.

Below:  The Norwegian Embassy's new jobs report about the benefits to the US of open trade between US and Norway.  Montafilm produced the live video web stream that was viewed globally.

Here are some example of our streaming service:

An example of web streaming. Montafilm's productions for EEI's international luncheon highlighting electric utility companies around the world.