What's Your Special Interest?

"There are too many special interests in America!"  

"Our concern is for the human interests, not the special interests!" 

You've heard it all before.  The idea that a small group of ignoble actors are using their influence toward nefarious ends. It's a great talking point, and yes, sometimes it's true; but more times than not it isn't. And it's always more complicated than you think. I had an experience a few years ago that changed the way I think about the subject.

One day, while chatting with someone who was fascinated with the video production work that I was doing, I asked, "So, what do you do for a living?" And she responded by telling me that she was a lobbyist. "A lobbyist?!" I was aghast! "Aren't those the people who try to bend the rules for super powerful people to the detriment of the rest of us?"

"Actually, I do lobbying for an organization that helps kids who academically qualify for college, but don't have the financial resources to go." she said. "We want to make scholarship and grant opportunities more easily accessible to them"  Oh my! Something was amiss in my assumptions. And then, I began to think about all of the very noble causes that would have good reason to not only do lobbying, but use all the tools in their toolkit to get their message out. (Veterans groups, special needs children and adults, small businesses, environmetntal causes and the like.) It dawned on me at that point, that in a country of over 300 million people, every interest is a special interest, if you want to get your message across. 

That means that, no matter how good your cause is, no matter how admirable the aims of your company, organization or association are, if they are not communicated well, it can be as though they don't exist; particularly to the people who should know that they do.  So what are you doing to project the message that you want projected? There are many ways to do that, of course. One way that Montafilm Media can help, is in the area of video production. Having a well-crafted branding video, or a professional live video stream for your event, can make a huge difference, both to your reach and profile. Video production raises your game like no other media can. Having a well done production, requires a team that will listen to you, and understand your organization and its culture. Contact us, and let's talk about how we can help you grow!

No one knows your organization like you do. No one cares more about your business than you, and the good work that your association does.  Your interests, the great work that you put your heart and soul into is indeed special. And it's up to you to make sure that people know it.


Montafilm Media